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Silo Vacuum with 200 l bag

Central Vacuum Cleaningsystem with 40 Suction Points

Metal Workshop Cleaning

Cement Plant Mobile Vacuum

Mobile Vacuum Cleaning Tools

Mobile Vacuum Functions

Mobile Deduster

NA 35 Wet Separator

Grinding Station with NA 250

DS 2 Vacuum with Pre-Separator

DLS Compressed Air Vacuum for Unlimited Start / Stops Per Hour

WSP Water Vacuum with Pump

SPS 35 for Small Quantities

SPS 250 for Large Quantities

Worktable Cleaning with Central System

Small Vacuum Truck

DS 6 Pocket Filter Dust Extractor for Intermittend Duty

DS 6 Cartridge Filter Dust Extractor for Continuous Duty and Automatic Filter Cleaning

S10 Heavy Material Central Vacuum

Putzmaus Boiler Cleaning with Dust Suction

NA 7 Mobile Wet Separator

Wood Workshop Cleaning

Spark Trap Vacuum Suction from Sander

NA 250 Wet Seperator

Working with Preseperators

Working with Preseperators 2

The RUWAC Modular System

Extraction Tables for all applications

Prefilter System 200 L