of air borne dust

For airborne dust we call the dust collection task “Extraction”.
Air borne dust is very light and rising by itself.
For dust extraction we use suction hoods with flexible arm or fixed connections to enclosed housing.

For small air volume applications such as the charging of small powder additives by hand we can use a high air volume industrial vacuum, which can serve as vacuum cleaner as well.

Most situations, however, require much higher air volumes.

For high air volumes above 1000 m³/h and up to 16000 m³/h dust extractors are applicable.

The air volume range is between 1500 m³/h and 16000 m³/h whereas the required differential pressure is only 40 mbar. If a long piping system is required another suction drive might be required with up to 120 mbar differential pressure.

For high air volume applications it is very important to have an effective ratio of filter size and dust load.
Split filter units each with its own automatic filter cleaning system and decentralized systems with less piping are always better in performance, operation friendly and cost effective than huge central dust collectors connected to many extraction points.

Typical Applications are:

Dust extraction

Dust extraction during bag emptying

Extraction during manual dosing