cleaning of surfaces

The suction media is picked up by the accessory attached to a suction hose and transported to the collection container in front or below the filter.
When selecting a vacuum cleaning machine it is very important to know the suction media specification very well. (Read more about "Suction Media" here).

All machine specifications depend on the properties of the suction media and the application environment.
Light and fine types of dust require less mbar and average airvolumes but often also larger filters or even special filters.
Heavy suction media require more vacuum pressure.
The fine dust content of every material including that of heavy suction media (such as steel shots) has to be taken into account as well.

The Airvolume range for vacuum cleaning applications can be between 180 cbm/h and 800 cbm/h for one suction point and the required differential pressure has a wide range from 180 mbar to 800 mbar depending on the application.

Typical Applications are:

Vacuum Cleaning of Floor

Cleaning of liquid spill

Machine Cleaning