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200 l Pre-Separator silo central vacuum system


Aluminium car body sanding with sparktrap

» open pdf 带有火花熄灭装置的DS1220防爆吸尘器,用于铝件车身打磨除尘

Asbestos dedusting

Automatic cleaning of bakery oven ( OEM solution )

Boiler cleaning

» open pdf 沃瓦克/PUTZMAUS针对使用生物燃料的锅炉炉膛管清洁系统

Brush machine dedusting

Car body sanding and polishing

» open pdf 带有火花熄灭装置的DS1220防爆吸尘器,用于铝件车身打磨除尘

Car repair workshop cleaning

» open pdf » open pdf 带有火花熄灭装置的DS1220防爆吸尘器,用于铝件车身打磨除尘

Central dedusting from hand held sanders with many suction points

Central extraction

Central metal chips vacuum system with oil mist filter and liquid separator

Central vaccum of casting waste

Central vacuum cleaning with silovacuums

Central vacuum cleaning in car chassis production

Central vacuum system

Central vacuum system with continuous discharge and explosion vent

Central vacuum system with continuous discharge and explosion vent 2

Cleaning of bakery oven

Cleaning with vacuum truck

用于水泥厂和电厂的沃瓦克S24 D 车载除尘设备 S24D Vacuum Truck to collect massive amounts of cement powder

Compact point of source dedusting

» open pdf Compact point of source deduster for plastic fine dust

Compressed air mobile vacuum suitable for unlimited start/stops per hour for met


Continuous powder dosing into tank mixer or hopper

Continuous suction of plastic trimmings from tube filling machine

» open pdf Compact point of source deduster for plastic fine dust 沃瓦克DAV源头除尘设备用于从IWK高速灌瓶机内吸取塑料边角料

Continuous suction with recycling of Flux sand

Dedusting and vacuum transfer of coffee beans

Dedusting fibrous dust from a coating machine

Dedusting from carton box saw

Dedusting from cement sampling machine

Dedusting from electron beam welding machine

Dedusting from electron bean welding machine

Dedusting from Floor Grinder

Dedusting from handsander or deburrer

Dedusting from laser marking

Dedusting from Laser marking machine

Dedusting from Laser wafer cutting Machine

Dedusting from Laser welding machine

Dedusting from packing machine

» open pdf » open pdf

Dedusting from powder filling machine

Dedusting from production machine continuous duty

Dedusting from production machine with vacuum exhaust air used in line

Dedusting from solar panel process

Dedusting from steel peeling machine

Dedusting of fine cement dust at particle diffraction machine in labs.

Dedusting of metal sparks from hand grinder

» open pdf 带有火花熄灭装置的DS1220防爆吸尘器,用于铝件车身打磨除尘

Dedusting with prefilter

» open pdf

Direct dedusting from stone machining

Direct dedusting from water jet cutter

Dust extraction during bag emptying

Epoxy Coating

Extraction and dedusting of metal powders with DS6 and Cyclone

Extraction of airborne dust with extraction arm for up to 320-410 cbm/h

» open pdf DS1400M Mobile Industrial Vacuum

Extraction of dust

DS65600 粉尘抽取系统 DS65600M Extractor System DS65600 Dust collector with piping system and VENTEX Valve.

Extraction of fumes and gases

Extraction of shot blast fine dust

Extraction of soldering fumes small airvolume

» open pdf 带有火花熄灭装置的DS1220防爆吸尘器,用于铝件车身打磨除尘

Extraction with material recovery on 25 kg bag emptying station

Flammable liquids vacuum cleaning

Flammable liquids vacuum cleaning

Floor cleaning

» open pdf

Fume dedusting from laser welding

General machine cleaning

Glass splinter cleaning

Grinding machine

Handgrinding tool dedusting

Hot oven cleaning in bakeries

Hydraulic oil vacuum

Large capacity central vacuum in waste incinerator plant

Large floor surface cleaning

Large machining chips central dedusting

Laser dust dedusting from bottle labels

Laser marking on plastic

Liquid chemical spill control

Machine cleaning

» open pdf DS1400M Mobile Industrial Vacuum

Machine cleaning

» open pdf DS1400M Mobile Industrial Vacuum

Metal Workshop cleaning

» open pdf 金属加工车间的粉尘控制

Mobile central vacuum cleaning of packing machines


Mobile cleaning of packing machine

» open pdf

Mobile dust extraction for manual powder dosing areas

» open pdf 投料区域的扬尘抽取和移动式清洁 DS1400M De-centralized Solutions DS1400M Mobile Industrial Vacuum

Mobile extraction of harmful dust

Mobile silo vacuum for thermal insulation fibres

Oil extraction with oil mist filter

Outdoor vacuum of drilling hole sand

Paper strips extraction with large Pre-Separators

PCB router dedusting

» open pdf

PCB Router Room Extraction

Poisonous spilled powders vacuum

Printing press cleaning

Printing press cleaning

Production area cleaning with Pre-Separator

Production equipment cleaning

» open pdf

Removing of grease with mobile vacuum and preseparator

Sawing and cutting

Silo truck cleaning

Solvents and paint sludge vacuum

Soy milk powder extraction

Subway tunnel cleaning

Subway tunnel cleaning 2

Suction from concrete sander


Suction from hand sander

» open pdf

Vacuum & collection for reuse of shot blast material

Vacuum cleaning in fibre glass plant

» open pdf

Vacuum cleaning inside fluid bed dryer

Vacuum cleaning of ash with 1 cbm truck mounted waste container

Vacuum cleaning of heavy suction media

S24D Vacuum Truck to collect massive amounts of cement powder 用于水泥厂和电厂的沃瓦克S24 D 车载除尘设备

Vacuum cleaning of non reactive powders in additive manufacturing

Vacuum cleaning of nylon powder in additive manufacturing

Vacuum cleaning of oil sludge from drainage sump

Vacuum cleaning of powder processing machines

» open pdf

Vacuum cleaning of rubber waste

Vacuum cleaning with cyclon Pre-Separator

Vacuum of metal chips and coolants

» open pdf

Vacuum of metal chips and oil

» open pdf

Vacuum of reactive and explosive powders in Additive Manufacturing

» open pdf NA7-11H Wet-Separator

Vacuum of salt and abrasive dust with bottom discharge silo

Vacuum of small dust quantities in laboratory with H class vacuum

» open pdf

Vacuum removal of dust from powder coating machine into big bag with silo vacuum

Vacuum transfer of coffee bean roaster to coffee bean mixer

Warehouse cleaning

» open pdf

Wet separation of explosive and reactive dust

Wet separation of explosive and reactive dust 2

Wire drawing machine dedusting

Wood workshop cleaning

Workshop cleaning fir Dust

» open pdf DA1300移动式工业吸尘器+预分离/预过滤系统 金属加工车间的粉尘控制