Whether a "simple" Application Package is suitable for your inquiry or it has to be a Customized Solution, we at RUWAC don’t make empty promises.

Every offer will not only provide very detailed technical specifications but also all application details for which the offered solution is suitable.

In dust collection systems there is never anything as "one size fits all"!

We prefer to communicate clearly with you from the start, since our intention is to build a long lasting relation with you.

Indeed most of our international customers, who have purchased their first vacuums from us over 30 years ago, still continue to buy from us today.

The RUWAC quality standard is unmatched in the industry and RUWAC vacuums are known to last 30 years and longer.

However, every machine is made for an application and as such limitations apply.

For example liquids and dust cannot be mixed in one solution without special options and a machine specified for discontinuous vacuum cleaning may not be used as a 24 h duty deduster.

Involving the future operators in the decision making process is also a good idea, as ultimately your workers have to operate and maintain the machines on a daily basis.

When the solution specifications are clear, we will discuss with you our available options for pricing, delivery and service.

Instead of purchasing the equipment you may want to consider other finance options such as leasing or long term rental.

The advantage with leasing obviously is that we can put together a "full service" package with regular after sales service and inspections included in the price.

Please consult with us, which finance options are available in your country and area.