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Charge hopper dedusting with DS 6

Continous powder dosing into tank mixer or hopper

Cosmetic powder mixing

Dedusting / Extraction from tumbler mixer

Extraction and dedusting of metal powders with DS6 and Cyclone

Extraction of airborne dust with extraction arm for up to 320-410 cbm/h

» open pdf DS 1400 M Mobile Industrial Vacuum

Extraction of airborne talcum powders

Extraction of chemical powders

Extraction of dust

DS 65600 Extractor System DS 65600 M Extractor System DS 65600 Dust collector with piping system and VENTEX Valve.

Extraction of dust from mixer

Extraction of fine dust during manual pouring proccess

Extraction of shot blast fine dust

Extraction of soldering fumes small airvolume

» open pdf DS 1220 spark trap vacuum for aluminium car body sanding

Extraction of sugar dust from bag filling machine

Extraction with material recovery on 25 kg bag emptying station

Flour dosing on conveyor

Laser marking on plastic

Mobile dust extraction for manual powder dosing areas

» open pdf Dust extraction and vacuum cleaning in powder charging area DS 1400 M De-centralized Solutions DS 1400 M Mobile Industrial Vacuum

Mobile extraction of harmful dust

Paper strips extraction with large Pre-Separators

PCB Router Room Extraction

Room extraction