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Central systems require extensive planning and engineering work

Not doing so can results not only in a financial loss but can create serious risks to the manufacturing environment such as dust explosions or fires if you design and specify the piping systems and dust collectors wrongly.

First the task must be described completely and correctly. Information such as ATEX zones, suction media properties and application details must be provided by the customer, which is often not an easy task to do.  

Furthermore the proposed layout of the work area, suction points, dust collection machine location must be provided by the customer.

Last but not least you must give clear instructions about any applicable regulations and required certificates for your plant.

Please try to describe your project as detailed as possible and then get in touch with us.

With our over 40 years of experience e can offer consultancy and engineering at reasonable costs so that your project scope of supply can be specified correctly for budgeting and serious mistakes avoided.