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Suction media properties

Why do we need to get so many details about your suction media?

Please read also about dust safety. The level of the likelihood of an explosion of a dust/air mixture can only be determined when the following basic information is known:

1.MIE : The minimum ignition energy

In dust collection systems a suction media having an MIE of less than 1 mJ the risk of an explosion is extreme since only a very low energy ignition source is required to trigger and explosion inside the dust collector or vacuum. Special measure in the equipment layout such as automatic precoating (inertisation) or wet separation must be taken

MIE levels of 1 to 3 mJ require certain special measures as well such as IP 65 class and conductive filters.
Much less measures are required for MIE levels above 3 mJ.

2.The ST class and if available some other characteristics such as the MIT (minimum ignition temperature).

3.If a material is not explosive but flammable is also important to know

Do you have existing dust collection system, vacuums from other manufacturers etc.?
How is the performance of these machines?

If the answer is “ not so great “, then a good part of the reason for that is, that the application and suction media properties was not clarified good enough at the time the specifications were selected.

Whether a dust is fine, ultrafine or course, whether it is very light or very heavy and whether the fine dust content is high or not, has a huge impact on things like filter type , filter size, drive capacity, required vacuum and machine concept.
In other words: Good and detailed information during the inquiry stage determine whether the selected machine will actually do the job or not.
We know it is not easy!

Therefore we have put together many examples from our experience in this interactive website.
You can browse through typical suction media properties, applications and industries to try to find examples close to your own case.

And: We are here to assist you along the way to become one of over 40000 happy RUWAC customers worldwide!