your vacuum and dust collection system

The following list is the range of customization choices.
Please note that this is a general overview and not tailored to specific products. Your authorized RUWAC sales representative will assist you to select the options required f or your application and requirements.

Electrical Specification

Electrical specifications may need to be adjusted for several reasons. These can be the country specific specification which are different from our standard. The nature of suction media can be another reason, if for example the MIE of your suction media is very low.

IP Class

Voltage and Hertz

Power Cable and Plug


The machine specification is different for every ATEX Zone. Gas Ex vacuums for example  require special motors, turbines, filters and other parts and are subject to special certification.

ATEX Zone 22 II 3 D

ATEX Zone 21 II 2 D

ATEX Zone 1 + 2 + 22 II 3 D/G

ATEX Zone 1 + 2 + 21 II 2 D/G



The exhaust connection depends on the task. In cleanroom environments we need final H 14 filters. Some applications require an exhaust connection to outside building.

Standard Exhaust Air Connection

H 14 Final Filter on Exhaust

Exhaust Air Connection to Pipeline

Main Filter Specification

There is a huge variety of filter types to choose from.

Cell Filter

Pocket Filter

Cartridge Filter

PTFE Coated


Special Filters

Main Filter Cleaning

The type of filter cleaning depends on the application.

Manual Filter Shaking

Motorized Filter Shaking

Compressed Air Filter Cleaning

Compressed air Filter Cleaning for Cartridge Filters

Second Filter Module

The second filter module is always mounted above the main filter. Several modules may have to be combined depending on the task.



HEPA Filter Module

Active Carbon Filter Module


Oil Mist Filter


The deflector is a very important part of any dust collector since it prevents dust particles to shoot directly on to the filter surface.


Stainless Steel with Rubber Lining

Cyclone Deflector

Capacity Increase

Capacity increase modules can be added to many models.

Silo Module

Integrated pre-separator

Expansion ring above dust bin

200 l bag for DS 6

Central System Mode

Mobile vacuums, dedusters and dust extractors may be used as central systems as well and connected to several suction points according to the detailed isometrics and vacuum loss calculation.

Dedusting with several suction points

Vacuum Cleaning with several suction points

Extraction with several suction points

Remote start stop

Remote alarm signals

Deduster Mode

In deduster mode one production machine is connected to one mobile or stationary vacuum/deduster. The deduster is linked to the production machine's control system.

OEM Machine Integration

Remote Start Stop

Remote Alarm Signals

Control System

Depending on the task we use different types of control systems. Only with a control system are remote start/stop functions, system monitoring und automatic filter cleaning functions possible.




System Monitoring

For every continuous duty task as well as for central and dedusting applications, system monitoring functions become very important to prevent accidents and breakages.

Manual Filter Monitoring

Differential Pressure Filter Monitoring

Dust Bin Level Sensor

Turbine Temperature Control

Hour Counter

Self cleaning dust bin level sensor

Other Options

There are many other customizing options available for special applications such as those which require a degassing valve.

Degassing Valve

Dust Bin Insert

Wheelbase Change