Modular System explained

The RUWAC Modular System

No size fits all! That’s especially true when tackling tricky dust collection problems. With our unique Modular System your RUWAC technical sales representative can offer any tailor made solution for your application, operation environment and budget.


alternating current 

three phase current with blower 

three phase current with blower 

three phase currentwith side channel blower 

alternative drives e. g. gas engine, hydraulic or compressed air 

Special filters

active carbon filter, 31 litres

residual dust filter, 3.76 m²


manual, 1,2m², / 2,6m² 

electrical, 1,2m², / 2,6m² 

compressed air, 1,2m², / 2,6m²

Main filters

cell filter, 1,0m² 

pocket filter, 1,2 / 2,6m² 

oil mist cartridge, 2 x 5m² 

demister mat

Basis Assembly

castors, Ø 200mm 

castors, Ø 75, 100, 125mm 


frame with preseparator silo