to match your requirements

Please find here an overview of optional equipments and devices, which may be required for certain operation environments and conditions.

Extraction Tables for all application

Working with Preseparators 2


Preseparators may be required or recommended for certain applications and situations, where larger collection capacities are required.

Pre-separator 50 l with bag suction

Pre-separator 100 l with bag suction

Large quantity pre-separator

Heavy duty 200 l pre-separator

Pre-separator for continous operation and large quantities

Cyclone pre-separator

Custom made solutions

Silo with filter

Preseperator with crank handle


A Prefilter is used for bulky and light material but also sometimes for fumes, ultrafine dust or hydroscopic material.

100 l Prefilter System

200 l Prefilter System

Wet Separator

Wet seperators can be combined with RUWAC ATEX vacuums to collect highly explosive and reactive suction media as well as sparks and glowing material.

NA 35

NA 250

Suction Arm

We have a large variety of suction arms and also produce custome made suction solutions.

70 mm mobile extractor suction arm

Table mounted extraction arm

DS 6 extraction arm

Custom made solutions

Spark Trap

Spark Traps to eliminate sparks before they enter the dust collector.

Mobile Vacuum spark trap

Stand alone spark trap for central systems

DS 6 spark trap

Custom made solutions

Precoating System

RUWAC precoating systems for special applications.

Stand alone precoating system

Precoatings sytem for central systems

Custom made solutions

Explosion Fire Prevention

Customized explosion and fire extinguishing options.

Fire extingusihing system for DS 6

Spark detection with optional fire extinguisher

Other Options

Mounting frames

Manual Valves

Pneumatic Valves

Rotary Valves

Manual valve abrasion resistant

Flap Valve

Pneumatic flap valve

Double continuous valve

Slide gate valve

Custom made frame

Extraction table

Putzmaus boiler cleaning tool

Connection to pipeline