When selecting an industrial vacuum cleaner, it is very important to know if the suction media specification suits your cleaning application environment. We provide a variety of products to suit a vast range of applications.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Our mobile industrial vacuum cleaners come with proven quality and performance.

Customizable for a huge range of applications, suction media and operation environments.

For central and mobile solutions.

Ample capacity for large dust quantities. Many options for convenient waste collection and disposal.

For large and ultra heavy waste  materials as well as huge capacities.

Electric and Diesel drives independent from the truck engine.

The dedusting champion from RUWAC.

Best filter performance in the industry. Fully customizable for even the most tricky dedusting applications and suction media.

Most efficient solution for large quantities of airborne dust.

Advanced cartridge or pocket filter housing and options  to exactly match application and operation conditions.

Central systems for every application category and task.