Scope of work for service contract


1. Filter

        a) Check condition of filter and determine if and when filter change is required b) Filter shaking functional test

        b) Filter shaking functional test

2. Engine

       a) Check V-Belt (For DS model only)

       b) Check Transmission pulley (For DS model only)

       c) Check Ventilation fan and Engine (For DS model only)

       d) Check bearings, coupling, nuts & bolts to be fitted

       e) Electrical systems

            - Check motor protective switch

            - Check under voltage protection

            - Check electrical leak and ground wire connection

            - Check power cable / control cable and electrical plug

            - Measuring current consumption

 3. Housing

      a) All Seals. Check for leakages.

      b) Check vacuum power / air leaks

      c) Check Deflector if damaged ( To protect of filter )

      d) Dust bin. Function test.

      e) Wheels. Check function.

 4. Accessories

      a) Check for leakages and damages

           -  Hoses / Connectors / Suction tools

           -  Preseparators

           - Other accessories

The following works are always excluded from any RUWAC Asia service contract work unless specifically agreed in the Ruwac Asia Group Order Confirmation signed by authorized Ruwac Asia group representative:

          - cleaning of customers RUWAC machines, accessories or piping
          - removal and disposal of customers suction media ( dust etc )

          - disposal of used wear parts such as filters, seals, V Belts etc

These above mentioned works must be carried out by and are the sole responsibility  of the customer and machine owner.

RUWAC service personnel will refuse to perform inspections and service works on vacuums which dust bins have not been emptied and dust not removed.