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Dedusting of Aluminum and paint dust during sanding of Car Body with Spark Trap

Prestige Sports Cars Company Limited, Vietnam 2021

Application Category
Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces
Dedusting at source
Extraction of airborne dust

During Car body repairs works, Aluminum and paint dust needs to be safely removed during the grinding process and any accidental sparks have to be prevented from entering the vacuum machine.

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To remove aluminum and paint dust suitable and certified for Car body repair workshop.

  1. Sparks created by accidental touching of Sanding disk with surrounding metal surface. Spark entering the vacuum cleaner can be an result in an explosion or fire.
  2. During the process of sanding or grinding of the aluminum car body, aluminum and paint dust needs to be removed safely and effectively.
  3. The process of soldering aluminum parts for small damage can generate fumes which needs to be removed.
  4. Aluminum dust on the floor needs to be safely removed.
  1. DS 1220 with spark trap with Festool sander
  2. Extraction arm Stainless Steel, DN 50 mm, use for soldering process of small repair aluminum body.
  3. Festool ECCENTRIC SANDER 125/3 including sanding / with adapter connection to the vacuum hose.
  4. Accessories use for vacuum aluminum dust on the floor.
  1. DS 1220 - Zone 22 – 2.2 kW. – 1.2 m2 - Raw gas
  2. Sparktrap to prevent ignition sources introduced to vacuumed dust.
  3. Festool sander
  1. Effective removal of aluminum and paint dust during sanding and grinding process with a suitable and certified industrial deduster and workshop vacuum cleaner
  2. Spark trap can prevent the aluminum dust spark go inside the vacuum cleaner. To avoid accidents.
  3. GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester) modular housing - Electrostatic conductive - Chemical abrasion and temperature resistant - Free from impact sparks