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Dedusting PCB Dust from PCB Router Machines

Cencorp Automation Technology (Zhuhai) Co.,Ltd, China 2021

PCB router dedusting
Application Category
Dedusting at source
Suction Media
PCB dust

To remove PCB dust during Routing Process to prevent contamination on customer products.

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To dedust PCB dust from PCB Router process to prevent contamination on customer product and keep clean room environment free from dust contamination.

  1. PCB is contaminated with PCB dust during Routing process, affect product quality.
  2. Additional manpower at production end to brush clean PCB boards
  3. Contamination dust in cleanroom, causing of environmental pollution and have impact on human health.
  4. As part of a safe working environment, there is requirements for vacuum machines produce low noise.
  5. The router machine may stop operation for more than 1 minute, but the vacuum has to continue operating as customer do not want to repeatedly start and stop machine.
  1. DS 1222 LS M 1.2m2 with Bypass Valve
  2. Three-phase Motor drive for 24 hours continuous operation
  3. Machine has noise suppression features to ensure noise level kept within customer safety level.
  4. Use of M class filter, degree of permeability <0.1%, to filter clean air into the working environment
  5. Installed with bypass valve to protect the vacuum drive and turbine when the suction point is closed
  • DS 1222 LS - Zone 22-2.20kW. - 1.2 m2
  • M class pocket filter, 1.2 m²
  • Noise suppression Feature
  • Bypass Valve
  • Manual Filter Shaking
  • 2 x guide castors DN75, 2 x fixed castors DN75 with locking
  • The use of ATEX Zone approved Industrial Vacuum reduces manpower for post-production cleaning of the PCB from the dust during routing process
  • With noise suppression feature the working environment adheres to regulation and work health safety
  • With manual filter shaking - filter can be cleaned regularly and this extends the lifespan of the filter which in turns reduces the filter replacement cost and production downtime.
  • The Bypass valve minimize the need to turn off the vacuum machines during production.