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Dedusting from Laser Spot Welding

BBS Automation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China 2021

Application Category
Dedusting at source
Suction Media
Copper Dust

To remove copper dust from welding process

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To extract copper dust from laser spot welding process to prevent contamination on our customer product and prevent welding sparks from entering into the machine

  1. Frequent filter change result in increased production downtime and costs.
  2. The operator is frequently exposed to the harmful dust due to frequent filter change.
  3. Suction power and air volume is not sufficient to ensure effective dedusting of the copper dust during the spot welding process.
  4. Welding Sparks is not prevented from entering the machine with any spark prevention device, therefore there is a high risk of fire in the filter.

• Ruwac Industrial Vacuum DS 1220 M with Spark trap
• Increase filter size to 2.6m2 Pocket Filter
• Manual dedusting of Filter

DS 1220 M - Zone 22 - 2.2 kW. - 2.6 m2 - IP 55 3 Phase Current 2.2 Kw Zone 22 II 3 D

  1. Ruwac regeneration filter that can be cleaned by dedusting the filter can be extend the filter lifespan.
  2. The spark trap effectively and reliably prevents active sources of ignition being picked up
  3. Housing anti-static throughout, made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, no friction and impact sparks
  4. Reducing operators expose to dust environment, protecting workers healthy.
  5. Correct specification of vacuum used to reduce dust contamination on production items.
  6. Reducing customer operation downtime, improving produce efficiency with a longer lasting filter.