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Dedusting from Table Saw and Cutter Machine

BASF (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia 2021

Application Category
Dedusting at source
Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces
Extraction of airborne dust
  • To Dedust Polyurethane Foam dust and Wood Saw Dust during Cutting Process.
  • To extract airborne dust of Polyurethane Foam dust and Wood Saw Dust.
  • To Vacuum Polyurethane Foam dust and Wood Saw Dust from the floor and cutting machine.
Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To dedust, extract and vacuum clean Laboratory during sawing and cutting of Polyurethane foam and wood saw dust from the cutting machine and floor as part of the safety and housekeeping requirement.

  1. Laboratory is contaminated with Polyurethane Foam during sample cutting
  2. The Polyurethane foam and wood sawdust needs to be properly collected and disposed as it is a potential explosion
  3. Cutting machine is now attached to a local brand vacuum cleaner which is not able to remove any dust from the cutting machine.
  4. The dust is affecting the entire laboratory as the dust spreads during the cutting process. 
  5. Manpower and time are wasted to clean up the laboratory after each use of the cutting machine.
  1. DS 2720 Zone 22 II 3D High air volume vacuum with extraction arm for Extraction of Airborne dust
  2. Fork with Air regulation valve for hose connection to the machine for dedusting during cutting and sawing
  3. Accessories for cutting machine and floor cleaning
  4. Hose and accessories Rack on machine for keeping the accessories easily available for user
  • DS 2720 Zone 22 II 3D High Air Volume mobile industrial vacuum with a 7.5 kW 3-phase turbine drive
  • Fork with Air regulation valve for Extraction Arm and Hose connection
  1. 5m2 Filter which has a long lifespan with manual filter cleaning handle
  2. Manpower reduction by 80% for cleaning laboratory after the use of cutting machine
  3. Time spend for cleaning is hugely reduce from 1 hours to 5 minutes
  4. Safe collection and disposal of polyurethane foam from cutting process
  5. Machine can also be used to vacuum clean the floor if necessary