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RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler

Japanese Food Ingredients Producer, Thailand 2016

Boiler cleaning
Application Category
Dedusting at source

Increase efficiency of boiler cleaning work. Protect workers from harmful dust.

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To reduce boiler cleaning time and manpower

Manual cleaning of biomass boilers requires min 2 workers and 1 day work. Workes are exposed to harmful dust.

RUWAC WS 2320 powerful vacuum with automatic boiler cleaning tool PUTZMAUS.

The PUTZMAUS boiler cleaning tool moves without any additional manpower effort back and forward inside the tube without damaging the surface. See hereto also the video under Products and Application Package : Boiler Cleaning. Workers are fully protected from boiler soot dust by the RUWAC industrial dedusting vacuum.

50 % reduction in manpower. No damage of the boiler tubes by the cleaning. Very efficient cleaning. Cleaning of floor and surfaces around the boiler with the RUWAC vacuum and cleaning accessories.