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Safe vacuum cleaning in Additive Manufacturing

3 D Laser Manufacturer, China 2016

Application Category
Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces

Explosion prevention during vacuum cleaning of highly reactive metal powders.

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

Vacuum cleaning of 3D Laser Sintering Machines. 

Titanium and Aluminium powders are highly explosive and reactive.

NA 7 compact and mobile wet separator vacuum for reactive powders. The NA 7 is worldwide industry standard for the vacuum of titanium, aluminium and other reactive powders.

Powders are collected in the wet separator compartment preventing at all times that any dry powders getting in contact with the  vacuum drive.

The RUWAC range of wet separator vacuums NA 7 , NA 35 and NA 250 are fully certified and the safest solution for the vacuum cleaning of reactive powders.