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Mobile central vacuum cleaning for 2 big bag packers

Polymer Plant, Singapore 2016

Two big bag charging platforms need be cleaned in between batches to keep the area free from contamination.

Manual cleaning is labour intensive and difficult. Wiping and scrubbing off the dust on top of the platform by hand is a hazardous procedure for the operator due to excessive airborne dust.

Due to the quantity of chemical powders being small ( about 20 kg /day ) a very cost efficient solution was installed to serve two platforms. One DA 1300 mobile vacuum with control system, short piping system and endcap connection points for the cleaning hoses on ground and upper level.

The DA 1300 RUWAC mobile vacuum with 2.6 m2 filter and control system offers a cost efficient and very durable solution.

1. Protect workers from chemical fly dust during cleaning procedure

2. Using strong vacuum and vacuum cleaning tools without the need for works to get in touch with chemical powder directly

3. Collecting vacuumed material in the RUWAC DA 1300 dust bin with bag insert for convenient disposal of waste