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Ruwac DAV deduster for plastic trimmings from high speed tube filling machine

German Machine Maker, Thailand 2017

Application Category
Dedusting at source

To prevent clogging of tube trimmings from IWK’s automated tube filling machine. 
In the high speed tube fillers of IWK , plastic trimmings are discharged to a small collection container from where they have to be vacuumed away continuously without interruption.

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To de-dust tube trimmings from IWK’s automated tube filling machine .
Previous used dedusters from competitor did not perform due to wrong specification ( low mbar of under 30 mbar which is EXTRACTION specification and NOT suitable for DEDUSTING )

Plastic trimming pieces are evacuated much too slow from the collection chamber resulting in trimmings building lumps and clogging up the hose. This would stop the tube filler machine frequently for manual cleaning up of hose and collection chamber. Up to 10 % production time could be lost due the vacuum.

Before the Ruwac solution, another de-dusting solution was implemented in which the performance & connection diameters was not carefully calculated resulting in clogged tube trimmings within the hose connections.

The RUWAC DAV was tested and customized for this application. The RUWAC systems 280 mbar of vacuum and airspeed of over 40 m/sec gives no chance of clogging the hose anymore.

DAV-SB 3.0kW M Pre-Filter Vacuum, Custom Adaptor & Connection DN50mm.

1. High airspeed and fast and reliable evacuation of trimmings.
2. Very convenient pre-filter collection with very long filter life of over 2 years.
3. RUWAC quality designed and build with quality components.
4. Reduce customer’s down time to fix the clogged tube trimming issue
5. Easy disposal in 200L Fleece Bags
6. Certified and tested.