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DA 1300 Mobile Industrial Vacuum + Pre-Separator/Filter

Plastic Film Producer, Thailand 2017

Application Category
Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces

To increase cleaning efficiency at PE Pellet Big-Bag discharge station and nylon film printing line.

Product Group
Mobile Vacuums

To efficiently clean 2 areas with different application: PE Pellet Big-Bag discharge station and nylon film printing line with 1 vacuum unit

  1. During discharging the PE Pellets from Big-Bags into the conveying system, large amounts fall to the sides which needs to be manually collected.

They used to have a local vacuum unit, which the operator stopped operating as it gave them electrocutions

  1. Nylon Powder is used in the printing line to keep the films from sticking to each other. After a certain amount of time, nylon powder is accumulated on the flexible dies which needs to be cleaned. 

Currently, they need to wait until the printing line cools down to manually clean the nylon powders which created downtime.

The DA1300 Dust-Ex Zone 22 is combined with  a 110L Pre-separator/Filter System whereas 2 operation modes can be switched manually by a ball valve

  • DA1300 M Zone 22 Mobile Industrial Vacuum, 3.0kW 3-Phase Side Channel Blower, 2.6m2 Pocket Filter Class M, manual filter shaker
  • 110L Galvanized Steel Pre-Separator/Filter with ball valve to switch between 2 operation modes for 2 applications
  • DN50mm Accessories with special Polyamide cleaning nozzle, 300Degree Celsius heat resistant
  1. Reduce production down time of printing line
  2. Increased PE pellets cleaning & collecting efficiency
  3. Eliminated electrocutions altogether due to certified fully conductive vacuum unit