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Dedusting PCB Dust during routing process

Micron Group, Singapore 2020

PCB router dedusting
Application Category
Dedusting at source
Suction Media
PCB dust

To remove PCB dust during Routing Process.

Product Group

To extract PCB dust from PCB Router process to prevent contamination on customer product and keep clean room environment free from dust contamination.

  1. PCB is contaminated with PCB dust during Routing process.
  2. Additional manpower at production end to brush clean PCB boards.
  3. Dustbin overflow with hazardous and cancer-causing PCB dust and user is not notified when dustbin is full.
  4. Contamination dust in cleanroom.
  5. End- Users contact with the hazardous and cancer-causing PCB dust during daily operations thru emptying dust into collection point – dust cloud during pouring.
  6. Short filter lifespan leading to reduce production capability and increase downtime and costly filter replacements.
  7. Production loss time during preventive maintenance of Vacuum system.
  8. Missed preventive maintenance leading to machine breakdown.
  9. Safety audit non-compliance due to wrong wheel type.
  1. Drive change from DS 1200 to DS 1400 – No need for manual cleaning of product after routing process.
  2. Dustbin level monitoring function installed to alert user when dustbin is full.
  3. Installed 100% airtight exhaust with H14 Filter to Vacuum Machine.
  4. Installed with Bag Suction for dust to be collected in disposable bags.
  5. Filter monitoring function with automatic electric motor filter shaking to dedust the filter after machine stop.
  6. Standby machine for emergency and during preventive maintenance works.
  7. Operating hour meter installed for monitoring and maintenance plan setup.
  8. Installed conductive wheels.
  • DS 1400 H - Zone 22 - 4.0 kW. - 2.6 m2+ 3.2 m2+ 100% Airtight Exhaust - Raw gas DN50 - Wheel conductive, Bag Suction function,
  • H14 filter set with 100% airtight
  • Residual H filter module 3.2 m2
  • Dustbin with bag suction
  • Dustbin with level sensor
  • Electric motor shaking filter cleaning
  • Hour counter Analog
  • Conductive wheel DN75
  • Cost savings from SGD200/ Insert Tray for one time use to SGD6.80/Bags
  • End- users need to tie up the bags when disposing the PCB dust, reduce contact with hazardous and cancer-causing PCB dust by End-Users
  • Longer Lifespan for Filters – Reduce in Filter replacement cost
  • With the motor shaking feature – Filter is no longer clogged and experience longer lifespan
  • Production is able to operate 24/7 without any disruption due to preventive maintenance